Mr. Hirschhorn has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate law, and has helped clients in various matters:

Purchase, Sale, Lease, and Contract Review. Mr. Hirschhorn works with buyers, sellers, realtors, and title companies to ensure that the parties rights are being protected. We draft addendums, easements, and agreements to facilitate the sale of real property. When appropriate, we work with a title attorney who provides a title opinion to ensure that title will be properly conveyed.

Landlord. We draft and enforce lease agreements, perform efficient evictions, and can get possession back so that your property rights are restored. Whether the problem is non-payment of rent or material breach of the lease, we’ll get unruly tenants notified and served so that you are returned to possession.

Tenant. The most common issue we encounter is a lazy landlord’s failure to make repairs to the premises. We have successfully been able to avoid eviction for many clients and convince landlords to cooperate with tenants and perform necessary repairs. In cases where tenants have been harassed, we have been able to obtain judgments against landlords.

Foreclosure Eviction. Are you being evicted due to a foreclosure? We negotiate with the servicer and law firm that’s working to get you out. Many of our clients are able to stay for six months or longer, and receive settlements from the servicer to assist them in relocation. We know the law, and we stand up to the banks to give you a little breathing room. Sometimes our work means the difference between finding an apartment and being homeless. Call us as soon as you find out you’re being evicted, so that we can help.

Action of Ejectment. Do you have a guest that won’t leave? Is there someone who you let stay with you but who has overstayed their welcome? Eviction can be a slow process, and sometimes take months to complete. Some of our clients have adult family members staying with them who are abusing drugs and alcohol, threatening violence, or engaging in illegal activities. You don’t have to live with that in your house. Ejectment is an expedited way to make someone leave who doesn’t have permission to stay there. If there was no rental agreement, and they’ve never paid you any rent, we can get them gone in less than half the time of a standard unlawful detainer eviction.

Quiet Title and Adverse Possession. You’d be surprised how often this comes up. If you think you have a claim, we can help. When clear title to property isn’t possible due to complexities of a tax sale years ago, this may be an option.


Adoption/Termination. We represent clients in adoption/termination cases where a step parent wishes to adopt a minor child. Sometimes this can be contested, uncontested, or touch and go. We will work through whatever comes up and help you do whatever is in your child’s best interest.

Divorce. Breaking up is hard to do, but it doesn’t always have to be. Some of our clients are able to do agreed divorces. Other clients have conflict to resolve with their soon to be ex-spouses. Whatever the case, we offer reasonable but firm representation to our clients. We make sure our clients receive a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets, and when appropriate see that they receive (or pay) a reasonable amount of alimony and child support.

Agreements. Separation, Prenuptial, Post-nuptial, Marital Dissolution. We draft sensible agreements that couples (or divorcees) can live with.


We are skilled in contract drafting, review, and negotiation. Our agreements are readable, understandable, and enforceable. Once retained, we quickly review contracts from received from other firms or create drafts of our own. Clients have full access to Mr. Hirschhorn and his office staff, and their business goals are translated into an enforceable, working agreement.

Mr. Hirschhorn also focuses on contract enforcement and pursues recovery of damages for contract breaches.


Some lawyers take your case and try to settle it quickly without much work. We’re different; we litigate. Our clients get results because we do the hard work. We do the legal research, develop a winning strategy, file appropriate pleadings, and argue our case in court. We have successfully represented clients with unsettled insurance claims, failed real estate transactions, car deals gone bad, and more. How do we do it? We litigate.

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